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It all started with our own wedding back in 2015. Ever since then I have been making cake toppers for many a happy couple.

Over the years I have honed my craft, perfecting a very unique style that is perfectly adaptable for personalisation to your special day

About HaPoly's beginings

It started with a kiss...

That's me, on my wedding day... And one thing that I realised from my own experience, is that the cake topper is one of the only things that lasts long after the wedding (other than photos of course!) that transports you back to that special day.

I set up this business as a hobby in 2015 after my husband encouraged me to do what I love. 

What started out as a trial and many, many errors soon turned into something really special that my customers adore.

Now, HaPoly Ever Afters is a recognised brand in the wedding industry and I'm still always so humbled to be asked to create a part of someone's biggest day.

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